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Standard Flanger > DIN Norm

SLIP-ON in: IN 2573 PN6, DIN 2576 PN10 and DIN 2642 PN10.
WELDING NECK in: DIN 2631 PN6, DIN 2632 PN10, DIN 2633 PN16, DIN 2634 PN25 and DIN 2635 PN40.
THREADED in: DIN 2565 PN6 and DIN 2566 PN10.
BLIND in: DIN 2527 PN10 and DIN 2527 PN16.

Flanges in AISI304, AISI316 and steel (ASTM A105, C22.8, RST37,2).

Send an enquiry to:
- Norn/Standard.
- Material.
- Pressure (PN).
- Quantity.
- Delivery time.
- Material certificate (in example EN31) and packing requirements.

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